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Exchange Program

2+2 Degree Program: 2 years in Fo Guang University + 2 years in University of the West= two degrees
  Fo Guang University and University of the West are both established by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Therefore, students from FGU can participate in 2+2 degree program in UWest and FGU apart from participating in International Summer Study Tour and being exchange students in UWest. The first two years of 2+2 are taught in FGU enabling students to gain the basic skills and confidence to prepare for the final two years in U West, which is a great advantage for FGU students.
    For those who apply for 2+2 degree program, they will need to choose and pass designated courses recognized by departments in FGU and UWest. In the first two years, students will have to take general educational, foundation, and core courses in FGU. In the following two years, students will go to UWest to take “International Programs” as the professional elective courses. The 2+2 degree program allows students to study both in Taiwan and the U.S., resulting two different degrees from FGU and UWest.
Moreover, to help students fulfill their dreams of studying in the U.S., FGU has presented students with detailed and complete projects to help students pass the TOEFL exam. Once applicants satisfy the requirements, they will be admitted to study UWest department, which is fully approved by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. After the graduation, students with the degree of Uwest can apply for the master degree and pursue higher education in America. Also, they may either apply for the master degree directly related to their major subject, or find jobs in multinational corporations, hospitality industry, language teaching industry, and educational consultants here in Taiwan.