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Teacher 's office_hours

107-1 fulltime teacher' office hourPDF
Fo Guang University Department of Foreign Languages and CulturesTeacher 's office_hours(The First Semester of Academic Year 107 )
Name   Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun. Place
chen-Wei YU 排課日         A526
office hours 13:00-15:00     13:00-15:00      
Tung-Chiou Huang 排課日         A518
office hours   15:00-17:00 9:00-11:00        
Ya-Lin Lu 排課日         B406-3
office hours              
Kao-Chen Liao 排課日         B302-2
office hours   10:00-12:00     10:00-12:00    
Mei-Chuen Wang 排課日         A427
office hours     13:00-14:00   15:00-17:00    
Su-Chen Wu 排課日         B405-2
office hours     13:00-15:00 13:00-15:00      
Chia-Lin Chang 排課日         A514
office hours   10:00-12:00 10:00-12:00        
Yi-Jen Chang 排課日           A519
office hours   10:00-12:00   10:00-12:00      
Yao-Hung Huang 排課日         B312-1
office hours 8:00-10:00   10:00-12:00